What is ‘Crossing Border’?

Ever since the first edition in 1993, ‘Crossing Border’ examines the frontiers of music and language, striving to build bridges between them. In the past few years, the festival has expanded to become one of the most progressive international music and literature festivals in Europe. Every year in November, more than 100 artists perform in the city centre of The Hague. Artists range from renowned names to promising upcoming talent.

By way of the decision to move this year’s festival circuit to several characteristic locations, Crossing Border takes its chance to both further explore artistic depth and expand itself. An obscure international newcomer on the old wooden floors of De Zwarte Ruiter? Spoken word in the splendour of the Lutheran Church? A bursting show in the main hall of music venue Paard van Troje? It can all be expected from Crossing Border 2016, right in the cultural heart of The Hague.



The renowned music and literature festival of The Hague.

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BorderKitchen offers you the chance to meet nationally and internationally acclaimed authors.


Explore how emerging technologies shape our future society and meet the innovators who are making it happen at Border Sessions.

The organisation

Michel Behre | director, programmer

Louis Behre | programmer

Rivkah Zeeman | literature coordination

Tess van der Zwet | communication & publicity

Vera Otte | logistics & transport

Menno Buisman | technical director

Elinor Archer | coordination The Chronicles


Stichting Other World Productions
Kerkstraat 11

2514 KP Den Haag

T: +31 (0)70 – 346 23 55

E: info@crossingborder.nl


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