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Michel Faber

Friday 4 November 2016 / 22:45 - 23:20 @ Humanity House Stage

Saturday 5 November 2016 / 23:55 - 00:10 @ Poetry Stage

Crossing Borders indeed with Michel Faber: born in the Hague and raised in Australia, the author moved on to live in Scotland and currently resides in England. He has written four novels, with The Crimson Petal and the White (2002) as his unequivocal magnum opus, selling over a million copies worldwide. We can safely say that he belongs to the cream of the literary world.
The passing away of his wife in 2014 induced him to start writing poetry, of which Undying: A Love Story is the fruit. He will be talking to us about this collection on November 4th. He will be interviewed by Ester Naomi Perquin. On Saturday November 5th Faber will be treating us to a reading in our poetry programme Poetry in the Backyard.