This Was Crossing Border 2016

The festival has come to an end, but for those who can’t get enough, our photo albums can take you back to all the amazing artists and authors who graced our stages on Friday and Saturday.
There’s been a wave of media attention for CB over the weekend, which conveniently allows you to relive your festival experience. You can find (English) reviews on TOTEN and All Things Loud. Our media partner 3voor12 have compiled a very cool dossier of reviews for every single artist performing at the festival (in Dutch). To top it all off, we recommend this Spotify playlist with all your favourite tracks from DJ Vrijmoed and GNOE, who brightened up your breaks in the foyer.

Can’t wait for next year? Make sure you set aside the 2nd to the 5th of November 2017 in your new diary and let everyone know you’re attending in our new Facebook event.
Countdown starts now!